In Brief: Verdict reversed against gynecologist Kristina Hänel for ‘advertising’ abortion, case returns to district court

Though there’s been a reversal in the verdict against gynecologist Kristina Hänel for the "advertisement" of abortion, her legal battles are not yet over. In other news, the German Farmers’ Association reports they’re expecting a grain harvest that’s just below average this year.



In the ongoing debate over abortion law in Germany, the verdict has been reversed in the case against gynecologist Kristina Hänel. She was previously fined for illegally advertising abortion services on her website.

But now, the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main ruled Dr. Hänel’s actions to state she offers abortions are in line with the recently amended paragraph 219a of Germany’s Criminal Law.

The revision allows doctors to state on their websites they perform abortions, though they’re not allowed to talk about the method or provide any further information. Instead, they must link to official websites of other health authorities.

Dr. Hänel’s case will now go back to the district court in Gießen.


The German Farmers’ Association reports they’re expecting to see a grain harvest that’s just below average this year. That comes in stark contrast to the poor yields seen in 2018, which were about nine million tons less than estimates for this year.

Severe droughts were part of the reason. German Farmers’ Association president Joachim Rukwied said the impact from last summer’s dry conditions is still being felt.

“We had an extreme drought last year, so wheat prices increased a bit,” Rukwied told Südwestrundfunk. He anticipates food prices this year however will remain stable.

Rukwied also said that farmers will likely face challenges related to climate change in the future, particularly with summers that are too dry or too humid.


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