In Brief: Ride BVG for only 1 euro per day? Berlin Mayor Michael Müller says he supports 365 euro annual pass

Berlin Mayor Michael Müller says he supports an annual 1 euro per day BVG pass, modeled after public transport in Vienna. Find out more in your KCRW Berlin News Brief.

Photo by Danny Feng on Unsplash



One euro per day – that’s what an annual BVG ticket should cost according to Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller.

In an interview with the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Müller said he was looking towards the capital of Austria, where an annual 365 euro ticket has already been available for seven years in Vienna.

Currently, the ABC ticket for Berlin costs 961 euros if you pay for an annual pass all at once. If the price were to be lowered, government subsidies would be needed to account for the difference.


Deutsche Bank is set to drop one in five of its current staff. That’s a total cut of 18,000 jobs.

The bank has employees in multiple countries and has yet to release full details on where, or how much restructuring will take place at specific locations.

Deutsche Bank has suffered years of losses and exposure to multiple scandals. Recently it had announced consulting services should be expanded in Berlin.


The German government has refused a U.S. request for ground troops to be sent to Syria. Spokesperson Steffen Seibert says German officials are instead considering continuing with existing support measures.

Currently German forces provide aircraft for reconnaissance and refueling missions and military trainers. Seibert is responding to a request made on Friday by a U.S. envoy asking for increased support from Germany to combat so-called Islamic State forces in Syria.


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