In Brief: Berlin Senate approves new clean air plan

In a push to limit nitrogen dioxide emissions in Berlin, driving bans will be imposed for older diesel engines on eight road sections in the city. Find out more in your KCRW Berlin News Brief.

Photo by Nabeel Syed on Unsplash


The Berlin Senate approved the new clean air plan on Tuesday, furthering a push to limit nitrogen dioxide emissions and protect human health in Berlin.

Driving bans will be imposed for older diesel engines on eight road sections in the city, including parts of Friedrichstraße and Leipziger Straße in Mitte, Hermannstraße in Neukölln and Stromstraße in Tiergarten.

In addition, more than 30 road sections in Berlin will become Tempo 30 zones where the speed limit is 30 kilometers per hour.


Germany’s Green party wants to see domestic flights become obsolete by 2035, by making train travel faster and cheaper.

In a paper on the website of the Greens parliamentary faction, the co-authors write they want to make rail travel more appealing and efficient for passengers – and that all starts with bolstering infrastructure.

The Green lawmakers also want to gradually introduce a kerosene tax for domestic flights.


The danger of forest fires in Berlin and Brandenburg will likely increase this week as temperatures rise.

The German Weather Service has said the warning levels might increase to the highest category by Friday.

It’s also possible water could become scarce in some parts of Brandenburg.


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