30 years after the first Loveparade, founder Dr. Motte shares how he started a ‘rave-olution’

Thirty years ago today, the Loveparade started in Berlin with a couple handfuls of people dancing to acid house music along Kurfürstendamm. We caught up with the founder, Dr. Motte, to learn more.

Photo by Monika Müller-Kroll



On July 1, 1989, a few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall, a couple handfuls of people started a dance parade to acid house music along Kurfürstendamm in West Berlin. It was called Loveparade and was organized by a DJ named Dr. Motte.

30 years on, we caught up with Dr. Motte to find out more about the origins of the legendary event, and how a celebration founded in the name of “peace, love and pancakes” became a world-renowned party.


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