Tech Open Air explores technology’s influence on business, music and art

This July’s Tech Open Air festival explores technology’s influence on business, music and art. We spoke to the festival’s head of content, Danielle Lemieux, to find out more. Also - visit our website to find out how you can win tickets.

Photo: Stefan Wieland 2018



Tech Open Air (TOA) is a technology festival with “a mission to help people future-proof their businesses and their lives.” We spoke with Danielle Lemieux, Head of Content, to find out more about what to expect

This year’s festival is based around five thematic pillars, including one called “Emotional Innovation,” which unpacks some of the side effects of technology and tips on how to combat them.

“Your phone is quite likely the last thing you touch before you go to sleep instead of your partner,” Lemieux says. “So we really want to talk about the way that people can still embrace technology but also find a way to separate themselves from it.”

The festival takes place this year from July 2 through July 5. We have two pairs of passes to give away to TOA and their partner, Melt Festival. Check out our web page for more info. 


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