In Brief: Berlin Housing Senator Katrin Lompscher criticizes Berlin owners’ association

Next Tuesday’s Senate meeting to decide whether or not Berlin rent prices should be frozen for five years has propelled the owner’s association Haus und Grund to publish a countdown clock on their website, alerting members that this week could be their last to increase rent prices.


Photo by Martin Rulsch, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0 

Berlin Senator for Urban Development and Housing Katrin Lompscher has criticized the owner’s association Haus und Grund for calling on members to increase their rent prices before it’s too late.

This comes ahead of the Berlin Senate meeting next Tuesday to decide whether or not Berlin rent prices should be frozen for five years.

A countdown clock on Haus und Grund Berlin’s website ticks down the seconds ahead of next week’s deadline and meeting. The association warns that the rent cap would lead to the eventual collapse of the housing market, also adding such a measure would violate European law.


A screenshot of the Haus und Grund Berlin’s website with a clock counting down to the deadline to “raise rents” before the Berlin Senate meeting on Tuesday, June 18.


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