In Politics: Nahles resigns, leaving Grand Coalition with uncertain future

We spoke with Berlin-based journalist Erik Kirschbaum to discuss Andrea Nahles’ resignation from her role as party leader and what this means for the future of the SPD and the Grand Coalition.

Photo by mediaguyberlin on Pixabay


For this week’s In Politics, we invited Berlin-based freelance journalist Erik Kirschbaum to the studio to discuss SPD leader Andrea Nahles’s departure from politics. Nahles announced her resignation on June 2.

Kirschbaum says this move could result in the end of Angela Merkel’s government, should the SPD decide to no longer be a part of the Grand Coalition.

“The SPD is really important for Merkel to stay in power. Without the SPD, the CDU/CSU would not have a majority. She needs those votes in parliament,” Kirschbaum says.

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