In Brief: Unemployment in eurozone at lowest in 11 years, new analysis finds Berlin motorists are spending more time in traffic jams

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Photo from a recent refugee job fair in Berlin, by Nikki Motson

Unemployment in the eurozone is at its lowest point in eleven years. In April, the unemployment rate across the 19 eurozone countries was at an average of 7.6%, according to the EU statistical office Eurostat.

The Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate among EU member states at 2.1%, followed by Germany at 3.2%. Unemployment rates are highest in Greece, Spain, and Italy— ranging between 10 and 18.5 percent.


A new analysis of traffic index statistics from 2018 finds motorists in Berlin are spending more time sitting in traffic jams compared to the year before.

Drawing from 2018 numbers collected from the navigation company TomTom, the analysis by the Automobilclub Deutschland calculated commuters in Berlin are losing a daily average of 31 minutes per hour of driving time just sitting in traffic. Over the course of a year that adds up to 103 hours, the analysis says.

The Automobilclub Deutschland offers some ideas on tackling the issue, including expanding infrastructure and suggesting companies allow their employees to home office once a week.


Photo (c) Deutsche Bahn AG / Oliver Lang

A Deutsche Bahn spokesperson says the company will present its new strategy for climate protection in two weeks.

Federal Transportation Minister Andreas Scheuer had asked Deutsche Bahn for a plan to completely shift to green energy by 2038.

Up until now, 2050 has been the company’s target transition date.

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