CityLAB brings together startups, scientists and civil society to digitize Berlin

CityLab Berlin is a new space for startups, scientists and civil society to create digital projects for the city. We spoke with Nicolas Zimmer from Technologiestiftung Berlin, Carolin Silbernagl from Betterplace Lab, and Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller to learn about the initiative.

Photo by Florian Reimann




By Flora Adamian

On June 12, Berlin’s CityLAB — a new space for start-ups, scientists and civil society to create digital projects for the city — opened to the public. Located inside one of the buildings of the former Tempelhof airport, the space is a joint project of the Berlin Senate and the Technologiestiftung Berlin, or Technology Foundation Berlin.

CityLAB is built on three pillars, says Technologiestiftung Berlin CEO Nicolas Zimmer.

“First of all, it’s a showcasing of what’s done in Berlin by research institutions, but also by initiatives here in the city, and also by the government,” Zimmer says. “The second pillar is, it is a place where you can really work together on solving real-life problems in Berlin — so we have a co-working space here. And this is very much focused on how to digitize Berlin’s administration. And the third pillar is bringing Smart City technologies into action.”

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