Unpacking Germany’s EU Parliament election results

At Sunday's EU election, climate protection emerged as a central theme as Germany's Green Party made historic gains. We examine the results and what they might mean for the future of politics in Germany and Europe.

Photo by Nikki Motson



After the highest turnout across Europe for the EU Parliament elections in 20 years, Germany’s stalwart political parties — the centrist CDU and SPD — suffered losses as Green and right-wing populist parties made gains. Political analysts say issues like climate protection and Euroscepticism, championed respectively by the Greens and far-right AfD, likely fueled these results.

We share some analysis of the results, and look into what the results could mean for politics in Germany and Europe. In addition we spoke with demonstrators at the most recent Fridays for Future rally in Berlin to hear why they’re motivated by climate change.

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