Symbolic election in Mitte gives non-EU citizens a chance to cast ballots

We spoke with the groups behind the initiative and some of the people who cast their ballots.



From May 20-23, non-EU citizens in Mitte are able to take part in symbolic European elections ahead of Germany’s poll day on Sunday. On Tuesday at the Bezirksamt Mitte, or Mitte district office, Marina Mantay organized an informational session to offer ideas for non-German or EU citizens living in Berlin to get involved with politics, even if they don’t have a European passport.

Rasha Alkhadra, a single mom and refugee who left Syria with her three kids in 2015, grinned after she cast her ballot. She was never able to vote in Syria, so she said going through the motion in Berlin – even if it was only symbolic – “feels amazing.”

The results of the symbolic election under the motto “Hier lebe ich. Hier wähle ich!” or “I live here. I vote here!” will be announced on May 24.


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