Motherhood, music and how you’re ‘greater than you think’: Diane Weigmann on her new album

Greater than you think” by musician Diane Weigmann is a catchy Summer pop tune about believing in oneself. We caught up with Weigmann, who was born and raised in Berlin, about the upcoming release of her fourth solo album “Größer als Du denkst”, and how motherhood has impacted her music.

Photo by Nikki Motson



We caught up with musician Diane Weigmann. Born and raised in Berlin, Weigmann was once a member of the all-female pop band the Lemonbabies.

Ahead of the release of her fourth solo studio album, Weigmann talks about how motherhood has led to a change in perspective, as well as her new single “Größer als Du denkst” (in English, that’s “Greater than you think”).