Maayan Iungman unpacks life’s choices in ‘Boxes’

The object theater piece "Boxes," a rumination on choices set in a post office stacked with cardboard boxes, premieres tomorrow at the English Theatre Berlin. We got an exclusive preview performance from the show's creators at their home rehearsal space.

Photo by Sylvia Cunningham


“Boxes,” a visual theater piece by the actress and puppeteer Maayan Iungman and her partner Philipp Rückriem, premieres this week as part of the Expo Festival 2019. Set in a post office stacked high with the show’s cardboard namesake, the story explores questions of rote routine and free will through object theater laced with absurdism.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, KCRW Berlin got an exclusive preview in Iungman and Rückriem’s living room-turned-studio — which, yes, is currently full of boxes — and talked with them about their creative process.

“Boxes” opens May 2 at the English Theatre Berlin as part of the 2019 Expo Festival.  

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