Schmutz’s May 2019 gig recommendations: From doom metal to ‘Turkish psych legends’

We sat down with Schmutz co-founders Gabe Dunn and Nolan Parker to give us their May 2019 show recommendations: Desert Fest, XJazz Berlin and more. Check it out!

Photo by Jess Sweetman


Check out this month’s Schmutz Playlist on Spotifyut upcoming music events. 

At the end of every month, we sit down with Schmutz’s Gabe Dunn and Nolan Parker to learn about upcoming music events. For the month of May, Dunn and Parker suggest a wide variety of live gigs to check out, from Swedish doom metal band Suma to “Turkish psych legends” Altin Gün.

Listen to their monthly playlist on Spotify to learn more about Berlin’s music scene.

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