Decades after artist February Montaine’s mysterious disappearance, the tapes he left behind are given new life

Berlin-based musician and producer Sam Potter has spent years piecing together the work February Montaine left behind.

Photo by Suzy Lianza (aka Suzy Sleeps)



Artist February Montaine mysteriously disappeared from his Derbyshire, England home in 1991. He left behind a substantial collection of journals and homemade tapes, which became cherished by his stepdaughter Suzy. She passed her stepfather’s work onto Berlin-based musician and producer Sam Potter, who spent years weaving these remnants together.

One journal idea that stuck with Potter, was Montaine’s belief that “the best music listens to you in the same way you listen to it. So to make a song really great, it really speaks to your soul and holds a mirror up to you in that moment.” Potter says it seemed like Montaine was thinking “50 years in the future, whilst living in a small house in Derbyshire and making this low-fi music.”

A tribute and listening party for Montaine’s reconstructed music will be held April 17, at the Tennis Bar in Neukölln.

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