Celebrating Women’s Day 2019: musicBwomen aims to make women more visible and connected across creative industries

For Berlin's first official public holiday in celebration of International #WomensDay, we spoke with two of the women behind musicBwomen, a music industry network aimed at erasing the phrase, “I couldn’t find a woman suitable for the job."


Friday, March 8 marks the first official Women’s Day holiday in Berlin. We caught up with the organizers of musicBwomen, a new network created for connecting women in the music industry to opportunities and to one another.

The musicBwomen initiative is looking to create a publicly searchable database aimed at erasing the sentence, “I couldn’t find a woman suitable for the job.” An event for musicBwomen takes place on Friday evening at ACUD Macht Neu in Mitte and the organizers invite everyone join in the festivities.

Also in celebration of the holiday, check out our playlist of songs selected by prominent female Berliners. 

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