Vegan chef and environmental activist Sophia Hoffmann talks zero waste and her new cookbook

We caught up with Sophia Hoffmann, author of “Zero Waste Küche,” to talk about the importance of environmentally friendly practices and how these can be implemented in the kitchen.

Photo by Annabell Sievert


Germany is upping its efforts to tackle plastic waste and get rid of unnecessary packaging in supermarkets. A new law took effect at the beginning of this year to increase transparency in manufacturing and to encourage more sustainable practices.

In Berlin, Sophia Hoffman is ahead of the curve. Vegan chef, environmental activist, and author of “Zero Waste Küche,” (“Zero Waste Kitchen“). Through her writing and active presence on social media, Hoffmann engages her readers and followers on ways they can lead more sustainable lives. One of her tips is to puree old veggies and fruits instead of letting them go to waste.

We published an excerpt (translated into English) from her German cookbook, “Zero Waste Küche,” about bread and her recipe for a breadcrumb quiche on Omnified.

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