Tele-Visions: Tracing the legacy of avant-garde music on the small screen

Tele-Visions, an installation on the history avant-garde music on TV, premiered this week as part of the Berliner Festspiele festival MaerzMusik. We talked to curator Anke Charton to learn more about the project.

Courtesy of MaerzMusik / Berliner Festspiele



How did avant-garde music develop on TV over the course of the 20th century? Tele-Visions, an eight-day installation that premiered this week as part of MaerzMusik, investigates the history of avant-garde music on the small screen with more than 250 films made of archival footage. We sat down with Anke Charton, a curator for the project, to learn more.

Tele-Visions runs through March 31 at Silent Green Kulturquartier in Wedding.  

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