Stumped for musical inspiration? Introducing the Schmutz Berlin playlists

Our friends at music magazine and website Schmutz Berlin share their favorite tracks for March

Photo by Mateusz Trzeciak

A piece for Omnified by Schmutz Berlin

If you’re on the lookout for great music recommendations in March, you’ve come to the right place. We’re partnering with Schmutz Berlin, the city’s independent publication for live music, to find out about the best upcoming gigs.

In addition to their picks for concerts you shouldn’t miss, we asked Schmutz’s founders, Gabriel Dunn and Nolan Parker to share their favorite tracks for March. You can check out the playlists they’ve assembled on Spotify.

Tell us a little bit about Schmutz, what do you hope to bring the music lovers of Berlin?

Berlin has no shortage of entertainment, but you might not always know where to go. Our goal is simple: get more people to go to shows. More people going to shows means artists are getting paid sustainably to do what they love and the attendees are (hopefully) having a fun night out. Everybody wins.

What’s the general feel of this track listing?

We take our favorite tracks from our favorite bands that are playing Berlin the coming month and stick them in one of two playlists: the “normal” playlist and the “heavy” playlist. Since Berlin hosts a myriad of different acts and artists coming through every month, the playlists can touch on dozens of different genres. They’re often an emotional rollercoaster, but more importantly they’re a practical and interactive way to find out who’s playing this month.

Tell us about your favorite 3 tracks from this list, why did you pick them?


Nolan (curator of the “normal” playlist): I would say my three favorites from March’s playlist are “Ya Ya” by Material Girls, “Go To Town” by Doja Cat, and “Fabulous Muscles” by Xiu Xiu. The Material Girls track because it reminds me of the original female post-punk outfits like Siouxsie, KLEENEX, and X-Ray Spex. The Doja Cat track is about women getting what they want in the bedroom. Xiu Xiu’s track because I once rewrote the song about my cat and called it “Fabulous Whiskers.”

Gabe (curator of the “heavy” playlist): Jars – This band is a recent discovery for me. I learned about them through Beyond Booking, a small promoter based in Berlin that features really exciting new artists coming out of Russia.

Misery Index – New Salem – This is a death metal / grindcore band have I’ve been listening to since high school. Nostalgic value aside, they’re unwaveringly prolific and continue to refine their sound.

Baptists – Beacon of Faith – Despite being around since 2010, this is their first tour in Europe. It’s heavy crust that reminds me of Tragedy’s good years.

What sort of music is usually on the playlist at Schmutz HQ?

Oh golly, so much. We’re often listening to what’s coming up in Berlin. So right now it would be (not including March shows) Daughters, Amyl & The Sniffers, Die Goldenen Zitronen, Hatehug, Drugdealer, Bryan Ferry (always), The Underground Youth, Neurosis (always), etc. Oh, and the new project by Grouper’s Liz Harris, Nivhek. Our Spotify has all the up-to-the minute action.

Listen to our Amplified interview with Gabriel and Nolan, where they recommend some of their favorite upcoming gigs in March.

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