Look no further, music fans! Schmutz share their April playlists with Omnified

"Ethiopian jazz, woke hip-hop, original disco, and the like" it's the Schmutz Berlin April 2019 playlist!

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Normal Playlist
Heavy Playlist

It’s the beginning of April, which can mean only two things, SPRING and our monthly playlists from Nolan and Gabe from music magazine Schmutz . What do they have in store for us? Find out below.

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Talk us through the April playlists – what are the highlights for you both this month?

Nolan / Normal Playlist – The track (and show) that I’m most pumped about for in April is The Tandoori Knights. The Knights are one part King Khan, one part Bloodshot Bill, and all party. After that, in both playlist position and in excitement levels, sit Amyl & The Sniffers. The Aussie good time punks are the most fun! We saw them in Hamburg at Reeperbahn Festival last year and it was hands down the best show of the weekend. The rest of of the playlist consists of Ethiopian jazz, woke hip-hop, original disco, and the like.

Gabe / Heavy Playlist – This is an insane month for heavy music, if that’s your thing. There are a multiple nights of no-nonsense black metal, featuring the likes of Ultha, Sun Worship, Der Weg einer Freiheit, and Mgła. For the fringe/weirdo/noise fans, there will be Deafkids, Author & Punisher, Oozing Wound, and Daughters, who are all respectively pushing boundaries in fun and heavy ways.

Does Spring alter your music taste in any way?

Oh for sure, I usually begin to listen to lighter music in the spring, something to match my lighter mood. This year has been a mix such as, Haruomi Hosono, Sam Cooke, and the Naughties. But we’ve been on a noise and hardcore stint lately as well, which means lots of Shellac, The Jesus Lizard, Madball, 1782, etc.

What’s your favorite new discovery this month?

Shortparis, which is an Experimental dark pop band from St Petersburg. They’re weird, hard to characterize, and infectiously catchy. Personally, they’re not any artists I would play often, but their performances are said to be unforgettable.

Are there any old favorites coming back to you this April?

Mulatu Astatke & Hailu Mergia are the godfathers of Ethio-jazz and are living legends. I was first turned on to Mulatu Astatke 10 years ago when a coworker played them in our cafe, so it makes me happy to see both of them still touring extensively. Don’t miss your chance to see either of them.

And shamelessly plug your birthday bash…

Happily! Schmutz started with few expectations, so every milestone we hit is genuinely impressive to us. Completing our first year of the publication is no exception. We’re celebrating at arkaoda (which is decidedly nicer than we deserve), supported by DJs who won’t rest until you’re writhing on the dance floor. If you’ve appreciated us at any point in the last year, we’d love it if you would come by to show us, in person, with the language of dance.

Friday, April 5th at arkaoda.

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