‘Human dignity shall be inviolable’: Celebrating 70 years of Germany’s basic law

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Germany’s Basic Law, the nonprofit organization “Gesicht Zeigen” launched a social media campaign #zeigtgesicht celebrating freedom and equality within the law itself. We found out more.

Photo (c) Manuel Kinzer


The first article of Germany’s Grundgesetz, or Basic Law, states: “Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar” or “Human dignity shall be inviolable.” As the Basic Law turns 70 years old, the nonprofit organization “Gesicht Zeigen,” which campaigns against racism and antisemitism, launched a campaign on Thursday to encourage people to choose their favorite article from the Basic Law related to themes like freedom and equality, and to share via social media using the hashtag #zeigtgesicht.

We caught up with Bastian Koch, who works for the organization. He said that the goal of the new campaign is “to show that we are not alone and we are not the minority, but we are an open majority who fights and stands up…for the society.”


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