Berlinale: Documentary ‘When Tomatoes Met Wagner’ explores an unusual culinary success story

“When Tomatoes Met Wagner” is the story of a small Greek village (population 30) and the residents who grow and ship organic tomatoes to cities all around the world. The documentary premiered this week as part of Berlinale's Culinary Cinema.

Photo still from "When Tomatoes Met Wagner" © Myrto Papadopoulos


“When Tomatoes met Wagner” is the story of the tiny Greek village of Elias, home to 30 residents, the youngest of whom is in his 50s. The documentary, by filmmaker Marianna Economou, explores how the organic tomatoes they grow connect the villagers to the world.

We spoke to Economou and Alexandros Gousiaris, who is an organic farmer and one of the subjects of the film, about the popularity of the produce and how they cultivated its story.


Trailer 2′ _WHEN TOMATOES MET WAGNER from Marianna Economou on Vimeo.

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