SimRa: the app that tracks cyclists’ near-crashes with an eye for improving Berlin bike safety

We spoke to David Bermbach, assistant professor at Technische Universität Berlin about SimRa, a new app which aims to improve safety for cyclists.

Photos by Sylvia Cunningham


According to Berlin police, more than 7,000 cyclists were involved in traffic accidents in 2017, 10 of whom died. In an attempt to create a safer cycling environment, David Bermbach, assistant professor at the Technische Universität Berlin (TU), and his team have developed an app called SimRa.

SimRa, which stands for Sicherheit im Radverkehr (in English, Safety in Bicycle Traffic), is in the beta testing phase with about 20 participants, who are out in Berlin monitoring “near-crashes,” when they must brake or change direction suddenly to avoid collision. We spoke to Bermbach, alongside 29-year-old Laura and 56-year-old Matthias Böhne, cyclists who are currently testing the app, to find out why such monitoring is necessary and their hopes for the future of cycling safety in the city.

Currently, David Bermbach and his team plan to release the app to the public in mid-March. Upon its launch, SimRa will be available for download for Androids 6.0 and up.


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