In Politics: How ‘Fridays for Future’ became a rallying cry for young Germans around climate policy

It started with Greta Thunberg in Sweden and has spread worldwide. Fridays for Future, the climate change protests led by students, has drawn thousands since beginning in Germany. We asked Tagesspiegel’s Susanne Ehlerding to tell us more.

Photo by Sylvia Cunningham

For the last few months, “Fridays for Future” has been a rallying call for many young people in Germany. Students are leaving the classroom weekly to take to the streets and demand action against climate change.

Organizers estimate last Friday, at least 12,000 students across Germany participated in these strikes. We asked Susanne Ehlerding, the energy and climate editor for Der Tagesspiegel, about her experience at a strike on Jan. 25 and if she thinks the movement has the potential to be long-lasting.

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