Berlinale: ‘Happiness isn’t always fun’ in Armando Praça’s ‘Greta’

#KCRWBerlinReport: Armando Praça’s “Greta” premiered at Berlinale this week. The Brazilian LGBTQ drama shows the tender relationship between an older and younger man. We found out more from the director and star of the film.

Photo © Aline Belfort



“Greta” is a drama from director Armando Praça, starring famous Brazilian stage and TV actor Marco Nanini. The story focuses on the tender relationship that grows between an elderly gay nurse, Pedro, who brings home a wounded young man in order to free up a hospital bed for his best friend, who is dying.

We spoke to Praça and Nanini to find out more about the film’s inspiration and themes, as well as reflecting on the potential reaction to the film in Brazil, where far-right politician Jair Bolsonaro has recently become president.

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