Berlin tourism set a record in 2018, but can the city sustain these numbers?

Last year saw a record number of tourists in Berlin. We spoke to Christian Tänzler from Visit Berlin to find out more about how the city can balance the needs of both visitors and residents.

Photo by Levin on Unsplash


Tourism is Berlin’s top industry and last year saw a record number of visitors, 23 million overnight guests, coming to the city. Last summer, a new Berlin tourism plan was released with several measures designed to shift the focus from the needs of tourists to also including more concerns from residents.

We spoke to Christian Tänzler from the city’s tourism office, Visit Berlin, to break down the numbers and take a look at the plan. City planners and policy-makers want YOUR input. If you have ideas or concerns you would like to share, follow the Visit Berlin link to have your say.

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