Rolling out the ‘green’ carpet on Dieter Kosslick’s final year as head of the Berlinale, but what’s in store?

Photo by Marc Ohren Leclef (c) Berlinale 2012


After 18 years in the role, Dieter Kosslick is approaching his final Berlinale as director. This year’s motto is “the personal is political.” Of the 400 films that will be shown, 23 of them are in competition. Kosslick says more women than ever will be represented this year at Berlin’s International Film Festival, and the red carpet will be “green,” not in color but as a nod to the environment.

At a press conference yesterday, Kosslick also announced that the documentary “Who Will Write Our History” is a last-minute addition to the lineup. Kosslick decided to screen the documentary in response to a recent incident at the state parliament in Bavaria. Politicians of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) walked out during a speech by Holocaust survivor Charlotte Knobloch, after she said that the AfD downplays Nazi atrocities.

“This film should go in all schools and especially it should be shown each time before they start in the German Bundestag,” says Kosslick.

The Berlinale runs from Feb. 7-17. 



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