Amid criticism and a now-famous scarf, Deutsche Bahn announces 5-point plan to address punctuality and other issues

Deutsche Bahn AG / Claus Weber

After being widely criticized for an uptick in delays, Deutsche Bahn is introducing concrete measures to improve the customer experience. Issues with their current regional train service recently made international news, when a color-coded scarf knitted by one commuter, highlighting train delays, became a news sensation and was eventually auctioned, for charity, for over 7,000 euros.

The five-point plan, released just last week, seeks to primarily address punctuality and includes hiring more people, adding more trains, and investing more money.

Deutsche Bahn’s CEO, Richard Lutz released a statement on their website, addressing the issues, but making clear that this was a complicated area and there wasn’t a “button you can press for everything to run better.” Meanwhile, we spoke to commuters at Hauptbahnhof to hear their views on the need for improvement.