As Berlin Fashion Week comes to an end, we ask two local industry insiders for their highlights

Editor-in-Chief of YEOJA Magazine, Rae Tilly, and Barcelona and Berlin-based stylist Anh Dinh give us their insights into Berlin Fashion Week 2019.

Photo by Simba Darling on Flikr

A Piece for Omnified by Michelle Neil

Berlin Fashion Week is coming to a close, so what caught the attention of local industry insiders? We asked photographer, producer, and Editor-in-Chief of YEOJA Magazine, Rae Tilly and Barcelona and Berlin-based stylist Anh Dinh for their highlights:

“A friend recently said Fashion Week is like Christmas. It’s a big fashion family reunion, everything is decorated nicely and you receive presents here and there. When I was younger and determined to work in fashion, Berlin Fashion Week seemed so unreachable. Now, it is an important part of my work. When I see a show or go into a showroom my brain already saves names and pieces that I would like to use for upcoming styling jobs.” – Anh Dinh

“Fashion Week in Berlin has gotten quieter over the years and sometimes I feel that people are more concerned with getting photographed outside the shows themselves. I have also asked myself where a lot of the creative genius has gone. Watching the Richert Beil show was a very much needed breath of fresh air where fashion, design, and art intersected in a way that confirms everything I find inspiring about fashion in the first place.”  – Rae Tilly

Video from the Richert Beil show, filmed by Rae Tilly.

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