Berlin’s housing debate: ‘Wem Gehört Berlin’ aims to bring more transparency to the city’s real estate market

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash


By Ella Joyner

This October Der Tagesspiegel and the investigative newsroom have launched a project called “Wem Gehört Berlin”, or “Who Owns Berlin.” We spoke to journalists Hendrik Lehmann and Justus von Daniels, both are part of an investigative team that works to shed more light on property ownership in Berlin.

With the help of Berliners, who can visit their website and fill in details about their housing ownership, Tagesspiegel and Correctiv aim to create a database to be used for a series of articles on Berlin’s housing market.

Von Daniels believes that the housing registry in Germany is a “closed book”, with tenants not knowing who owns their buildings, which causes longer term problems when: “politicians cannot really say who owns what in a city and so, they, and even the citizens cannot really decide on… how to develop the city.”



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