The Bear’s Holiday Stories: ‘A Holiday to Remember’ by Khushi Pasquale

Photo courtesy of Khushi Pasquale


This holiday season we bring you stories by The Bear, Berlin’s one-of-a-kind storytelling event.  Khushi Pasquale’s “A Holiday to Remember” details the delicious buildup to a stolen New Year’s kiss.  

“That New Year’s Eve it snowed, filling the air with the crisp apple scent and jewels of light. My parents were watching me carefully. I inherited my mom’s stubbornness. They didn’t know how I would get what I wanted, but they knew I would certainly try.”

The Bear’s next storytelling event is on Jan. 18.


About the Author: Growing up in a family of nine children, Khushi Pasquale competed for attention from an early age. An actress for 15 years, Pasquale served the words of playwrights. In her 20-year career as an English language and presentations trainer, Pasquale prepared others to take the stage. Now she delights in taking her turn in the spotlight, putting her stories on stage, and finally being the center of attention. Pasquale is a Distinguished Toastmaster, a presentations coach, and ardent storyteller. She lives happily in a small Brandenburg village and in her massive imagination.
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