Brave New Rave’s Year End Recommend: Moderna shares 20 “must-hear” tracks from 2018

Brave New Rave host Moderna shares her favorite tracks from 2018.



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As we close out 2018, Brave New Rave Host Moderna provides you her year-end recommendations of the artists and music that have influenced the show to date. Enjoy!

  • Teniente Castillo & Mufti is the new project of Play Pal Music founder Teniente Castillo and Bernardo Barrera, a producer and DJ from Guadalajara, Mexico and one half of Los Fugazzi. “A Bit Of Sickness” released on Relish is a deep dark driving track that’s quite lovely.


  • Mexican DJ and producer Mijo and Berlin duo Local Suicide collaborated on a fantastic EP release for Roam Recordings of San Francisco. The Sascha Funke remix of “Edo Kai Tora” is excellent, grabbing all the beauty from the original and moving you into opulence.


  • Since the early ‘80s, Germany’s Gudrun Gut has been an activist in the Berlin Underground scene. Her new single “Baby I Can Drive My Car” is a smooth, cool and weird ride (as to be expected from Frau Gut).


  • The stunning album, “Romantic Fiction,” released on Berlin based label Dischi Autunno by  Curses gives us just the right taste of post punk, new wave and EBM. Though it was tough singling out one track – we truly suggest listening to them all – we went with Surender, the first on the album.


  • London’s Trevor Jackson has recently been putting out releases throughout 2018 on his limited edition label Pre-. The nocturnal synthesizer track “Qix” is something quite special and is on the album System, the final release for the label.


  • Another great release from Roam Recordings of San Francisco brought us new music from Swiss producer John Parsley. Tronik Youth’s remix of the track “Schlanke Socke” is a fantastic heavy hit rendition.


  • German producer Perel takes listeners into deep space and explains it all on her album “Hermetica” released on DFA. “Alles” is just one of several tracks we fully recommend.


  • Berlin-based Fort Romeau has already produced quite the discography and his new EP, out on Spectral Sound, is a welcome addition. The track, “Untitled III,” is an ode to the dance floor.


  • The prolific, very under the radar, dark track “Black Walls FT. Mallory N” by Kai Anschau evokes the atmosphere of a smoke-filled room surrounded by strobes and, of course, black walls. Released on Kai’s own label from Germany, KAR.


  • Coming from Buenos Aires, the producer SHIT gives us an indie-techno delight, “Ella Quiere Ser Rar,” released on Seattle-based label Bottom Forty.


  • The Andrew Weatherall remix of “I Feel Space” from Marius Circus is outer worldly and thoughtful. The original track is written by Lindstrøm and produced by Marius Øvrebø-Engemoen, so it was destined for excellence from the very beginning.


  • Erol Alkin’s label Phantasy Sound had two releases this year that caught our attention (and most everyone else’s): Daniel Avery’s album “Song For Alpha” and Gabe Gurnsey’s debut album “Physical.” Avery’s track “Diminuendo” is a fierce, beautiful heater and Gabe’s supple production of “Night Track” shouldn’t be missed.


  • Mexico City’s newish label DURO has been making waves in its young age and Mijo’s “THXTACY” EP is a fierce testament to the distinct and noteworthy sound they are fostering.


  • Unknown to the Unknown invites Lauren Flax for Dance Trax 016. A producer from Detroit, now living in New York, she delivers an authentic sound in her killer track, “Acid Ghetto.”


  • Another young up-and-coming label creating a special sound is Glauben Records from the U.S./Mexico border, releasing “Machino’s Eco,” a dark, oscillating vibrational force, pulsing with warmth. (There is also a nice remix by Moderna to boot!)


  • Mind-bending acid is the best description for Gunnar Haslam’s track “Versione Antica” released on Spectral Sound’s noteworthy compilation 139.


  • Peter Kirn’s label Establishment releases “Clockwise” from techno producer Jamaica Suk. The entire EP feels like a picture perfect rave scene.


  • Not an Animal is a fresh Anglo-French duo, now living in Berlin, who have had a number of great releases recently. Adding to that list is the tenacious dance EP “Vizitos” from “In:State & Giuli.”


  • And last – but not least by any counts – is the unforgettable epic track “Endless Encounters” from Sebastian Voigt & Theus Mago, a pair that deserves ovation on so many levels. And a huge compliment to Lithuania’s Opium Club for releasing it on their incredible compilation on Le Temps Perdu Germany.


For Brave New Rave, 2018 has been a year of heavy, raw, energetic releases that have amplified, resonated, and embraced the new beginnings for 2019.

Rave Brave x

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