Berlin housing debate: As tenants are threatened by rising rents, what is the Berlin Senate doing?

Photo of Jürgen Lehmann by Paul Henschel



By Ella Joyner

This week we’re looking at the housing market in Berlin, bringing you different perspectives from tenants, politicians, and journalists.

Property prices in Berlin have exploded in the past decade. Data from the Berlin development bank IBB suggests that market rent prices more than doubled between 2007 and 2017. We heard from Jürgen Lehmann, who recently found out that the apartment he has lived in for 55 years is potentially being sold.

In addition, we spoke to Katrin Lompscher, the Berlin Senator for Urban Development and Housing, to find out what local government is doing to curb the impact as “profit-oriented market stakeholders” do everything “to push rents up.”

To learn more about the tenants interviewed in this story, check out their Facebook campaigns BoeThie and ELWE 44.



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