29 years after the Wall fell: Architect Sebastian Letz on the Monument to Freedom and Unity

Photo (c) Milla & Partner



Nov. 9, 1989, was a historical turning point. This week, we look back and forward, bringing you different perspectives on the 29th anniversary of the fall of the Wall.

Architect Sebastian Letz says the fall of the Wall was important to his own personal biography, as much of his family comes from Thuringia. He describes the turnaround in 1989 as “a great relief for the people, and for me personally.”

As such, Letz, also the creative director of Milla & Partner, shares with us his inspiration for his concept of the Monument to Freedom and Unity. The monument, which is designed as a kinetic object, likened to a scale, can only be moved by participants working together. The monument will be built in front of the Berlin City Palace to commemorate the men and women who took part in Peaceful Revolution of 1989. Construction of the memorial is set to begin in fall 2019.



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