AI, genetic programming and time explored as art and science converge at STATE Studio

Photo by Sylvia Cunningham



STATE Studio Berlin is a gallery in Schöneberg dedicated to exploring art and science. They began as a festival in 2014 and opened up a permanent space this year. Their current exhibition, “Field Experiments,” showcases installations that raise questions about AI, genetic programming and time.

Our guide through the exhibition was Marie Niederleithinger, who talked us through two pieces. The first, “Amygdala” by Italian artist Marco Donnarumma, features a robotic arm probing flesh-like material. “She has an artificial neural network and she learns to interact with her environment, discovering her own skin,” says Niederleithinger.

The second, “Meandering River” by Berlin-based design studio onformative and kling klang klong, features a video installation coupled with piano music that was created by AI with input from 20 musicians.

The current iteration of “Field Experiments” will run through mid-December. information on upcoming events at STATE Studio Berlin can be found here


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