The impermanent Picasso: At the Artothek, Berliners borrow priceless art

© Foto: n.b.k./ Jens Ziehe, 2018



By Mollie Cashwell

If you want to check out a book, you can always go to the library, but what if you want to check out a piece of art? We explored the Artothek at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, which, like a library, has been lending members priceless art for their walls for 50 years.

“The aim of Artothek is to make art accessible,” says Julia Eckert, who heads the Artothek. Works cost €3 to cover the cost of insurance, and while they do boast of having a Salvador Dali, a Cy Twombly and even a Picasso in their collection, often users are able to browse and discover something they’ve never seen before.


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