It’s our first anniversary, and we’re celebrating with a Pledge Drive!


Let’s celebrate, Berlin!

October 16th marks one year since KCRW Berlin went on air. We’ve had an incredible year getting to know you and helping you get to know your city better than ever.


We’ve brought you the latest in Berlin politicsartmusic, and tech, supplemented by an exciting roster of visiting talents. We’ve partnered with organizations across the city with our KCRW Berlin Presents events, bringing you up-close and unique glimpses into the creative minds behind them. And we’ve engaged your own thoughts and opinions online on Omnified.


Reflecting back on all of this and the year to come, one thing is clear: we couldn’t do it without you.

Whether you tune in on your way to work or while you’re making dinner, whether it’s our original Berlin content or our nationally syndicated U.S. public radio shows that you can’t live without, please consider investing in KCRW Berlin’s future with a birthday gift of a monthly or one-time donation.

Your contribution not only supports trustworthy and intelligent U.S. public radio programming in Berlin, it serves to feed a flourishing English language community – a community we are honored to serve.


Susan Woosley
Chief Operating Officer




By the way – If you love our content, please consider donating to KCRW Berlin. We are a listener-funded public radio station, driven by supporters like you. Your donation supports our programming and events, feeding a flourishing English language community with local news, information and ideas.