Cans, hops and rock ‘n roll with Stone Brewing’s Greg Koch

Photo (c) Stone Brewing




In 1996, “wannabe musician” Greg Koch co-founded the craft beer company Stone Brewing in San Diego. Now Stone Brewing is one of the ten largest craft beer manufacturers in the U.S. Known for their artisanal approach and fuelled by a collaborative spirit, Stone chose Berlin as the first destination for their international expansion.

We caught up with Greg on the eve of “Cantoberfest,” Stone’s homage to Oktoberfest – with a twist, to talk origins, collaboration, and how, despite differences, the U.S. and German beer-styles have some things in common. Koch says: “I refer to the classic German styles as being the classical music of brewing, and what we do at Stone is more rock ‘n roll.”

Cantoberfest starts on Wednesday, October 3 and takes place every Wednesday in October.



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