28 years later: The resounding impact of German reunification and how it shaped Merkel’s political career



Photo (c) Bundarchiv

This week In Politics we mark the 28th anniversary of Germany’s reunification. Editor-in-Chief of Handelsblatt Global, Andreas Kluth, shares his recollection of the events on Oct. 3, 1990. Kluth says that, in some ways, unification may not have been as far-reaching as originally hoped: “If you look at most maps, by not just income but population density and many other measures, you still see the old border between east and west.”

In addition, we discuss how German reunification shaped the career of Chancellor Angela Merkel. Kluth shares how she famously “kept to her normal routine” on the night the Berlin Wall fell, and then “stumbled into” politics. Kluth believes that this defined her leadership style: “She was very much an outsider and…if you pay attention to how she wields power, that shaped her.”



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