‘The whole audience seems to be one big light’: 20th annual Taschenlampenkonzert returns to Berlin and premieres in LA as part of Deutschlandjahr

The Taschenlampenkonzert saw an immersive, family-friendly performance by German band Rumpelstil, taking place in Berlin and Los Angeles as part of Deutschlandjahr.

Photo by Uwe Hauth


2018 marked the 20th edition of the annual Taschenlampenkonzert, or Flashlight Concert, an immersive, family-friendly performance by Berlin-based band Rumpelstil. The show took place at Berlin’s Waldbühne before premiering in the United States with a performance at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles as part of Deutschlandjahr.

While family-friendly music is a widely accepted concept in the U.S., Rumpelstil musician Blanche Elliz remembers when the opportunity for parents and children to attend (and enjoy) a concert together was foreign to many Germans. The band wanted parents to “take their children and go to a concert and enjoy it themselves,” and they write their music with this goal in mind: “we really address our songs to grown-ups and children at the same time.”

At the Taschenlampenkonzert, or flashlight concert, the audience will become a sea of lights that moves and sways along with the music performed on stage. This is a special experience for musicians and audience alike, says Elliz. “People feel very close to each other, and to us.”




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