This week in politics: The ‘Aufstehen’ movement launches amidst calls for state surveillance of the AfD

Photo by Indeedous on Flikr



This week, we spoke to Florian Gathmann, national correspondent for Spiegel Online about two prominent political stories. Firstly, we witnessed the launch of a new political movement entitled “Aufstehen” or Get Up. The movement, announced by Sahra Wagenknecht from Die Linke, brings together left-wing parties to respond to what she calls Germany’s “crisis of democracy.”

In addition, this week saw calls from across other major political parties for state surveillance of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), cited reasons include members’ involvement with anti-immigration rallies in Chemnitz last weekend. Gathmann’s response: “I think…they won’t be asked to monitor the AfD as a whole… but I think it’s very possible that they will monitor the youth organization of the AfD.”

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