Princess Chelsea on her new LP, returning to Berlin, and the joys of living on the outskirts

(C) Princess Chelsea



By Jack Riddell

Chelsea Nikkel, alias Princess Chelsea, brought her charming, onerous, twee-indie Pop back to Berlin last week for a show at the Funkhaus, her fourth time performing at the venue.

While she wishes she had more time to explore Berlin on her tours, the city never fails to impress the New Zealand musician, or to draw a crowd: “a lot of people choose to travel here to Berlin from other countries where I haven’t played to come and see me, so maybe they think ‘Berlin , that’s gonna be the big show!’ And it always is a really good show.”

Her new LP, “The Loneliest Girl,” was recorded entirely in Glen Eden, a suburb of Auckland where she grew up and returned as an adult. “I’m getting a little bit older now…I feel a bit more detached from the Auckland social scene, and even in some respects the music scene.” Between international tours and the production of three LPs, it’s understandable that a little distance could be grounding: “I’m just out here in West Auckland chilling in my studio, and I don’t really care about anything.”




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