‘Blonde Poison’ by Gail Louw premieres in Berlin, examines life of notorious Jewish ‘Greifer’ Stella Goldschlag

Photo from the production of Blonde Poison in Berlin Photo (c) Brotfabrik



By Charlotte Billing


“Blonde Poison” is a play based on the true story of the notorious Jewish “Greifer”, or catcher, Stella Goldschlag, who betrayed thousands of Jews to the Gestapo during World War II.

Written by Gail Louw in 2011, the one-woman show is set on the final day of Stella’s life, as she waits in her apartment for a childhood friend, and remembers her journey from flirty Jewish teenager to the “Blonde Poison,” a nickname she gained for her ruthlessness.

KCRW Berlin’s Charlotte Billing spoke to the playwright Gail Louw, and actress Dulcie Smart, at the German premiere in Berlin. In writing the play, Louw was drawn to the power that circumstance can have on an individual, seeing Goldschlag as “an ordinary person, really, who probably would have had a very ordinary life, [but] lived through such extraordinary times that it completely transformed her narrative.” The “Blonde Poison” herself is played by Smart, who recognized a rare creative opportunity for an actress: “I go through all ages… a young woman, unscarred by life, to a woman who is only scars.”


“Blonde Poison” is directed by Robert Chevara and will be performed at the Brotfabrik Berlin through October 3.




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