This week in politics: Seehofer on Twitter, Merkel’s conservative bloc struggles, and the debate on conscription is back

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This week in politics, the German press reacted to the news that Christian Social Union (CSU) politician and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer would begin tweeting by the end of the month. We spoke to Henning Hoff, Executive Editor of the Berlin Policy Journal, who responded: “I really wonder whether that’s a good tactic for him…he’s not very popular at the moment.”

Also this week we discuss the latest ARD Deutschland-Trend poll which this month shows a record low support for Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc of 29 percent, while the far right Alternative for Germany (AfD) is at a record high of 17 percent. Lastly, the debate about mandatory military service is back. Germany dropped compulsory national service seven years ago, but now Christian Democratic Union (CDU) politicians are reopening the debate. Hoff says: “It’s symptomatic of how Germany is still of two minds” about the military.