Bringing the beat: Phil Zeidler on beatboxing, honing his craft, and how The Razzzones work for their unique sound

Photo by Emily Bader

Phil Zeidler first discovered beatboxing back in 1999 when a friend introduced him to the concept. Nearly 20 years later, he and the three other members of The Razzzones, a beatboxing group that performs everything from covers of top hits to an original beatboxing musical, travel across the globe to showcase their unique talents.

We spoke with Phil before the group’s performance at Berlin Lacht! on how The Razzzones bring four different sounds together, what it takes to hone his craft as a beatboxer, and the unique challenge of an always-bustling Berlin audience.

“Berlin Lacht!” continues at Alexanderplatz until August 12, moving to the Kulturbahnhof at Hauptbahnhof on August 15. For more information visit our event page.

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