Start-up central in the heart of alternative Berlin: How Google’s upcoming move to Kreuzberg is being met with resistance

Photo by Hossam el-Hamalawy on Flikr



At the end of this year, Google plans to open what it calls a “campus” in the heart of Kreuzberg – an educational space, with five to 10 employees; a space for startups, entrepreneurs and neighbors from and around Kreuzberg. But there’s been significant pushback: Anti-Google pamphlets and posters are now in shops and street corners throughout the city, demonstrating how the move has turned into one of the most talked about and controversial issues in Berlin.

To many activists the issue isn’t just about Kreuzberg: It’s part of a growing international anti-Google movement that has perhaps found its strongest voice in Berlin.

By Oliver Lazarus

Photo by Hossam el-Hamalay via Flickr.


KCRW Berlin Visiting Talent Oliver Lazarus is a journalist and former producer at WNYC’s The Takeaway.