DJ Yesim Duman curates ‘Pop-Hayat’ at Pop-Kultur: ‘You can only change something when you take part in the discourse’

Photo by Intissare Amri


Yesmin Duman

Pop-Kultur takes place in Berlin from August 15-17. We caught up with DJ and activist Yesim Duman, curator of the program “Pop-Hayat,” which is part of the international festival. “Hayat” means “life” in Turkish and Arabic, and Duman’s program focuses on “the discourses about queerness, social exclusion, race, and the situation of female and non-binary people in pop culture.”

Duman also discusses the recent #MeTwo campaign, which has brought to light the experiences of racism among immigrants in Germany. “As a Turkish immigrant, suddenly you are not a German anymore…when you don’t perform,” says Duman.

“Pop-Hayat” features author Fatma Aydemir, the rapper Lady Bitch Ray, MISSY journalist Hengameh Yaghoobifarah, and the artist Ebru Düzgün aka Ebow. Follow our coverage of Pop-Kultur from August 15-17 on our website and social media channels.

Photos by Intissare Amri