With many ‘usual suspects’ out, what can we expect from the World Cup quarterfinals?

Nazionale Calcio via Flickr. CC 2.0.


The 2018 World Cup so far has been full of unexpected outcomes and thrilling last-minute upsets. The notable absence of many “usual suspects,” and exceptional performances by teams like Russia, will make the upcoming quarter finals that much more intriguing for some – among them, sports writer Jacob Sweetman.

“I think it is very refreshing, actually,” says Sweetman. “It seems to be fairly unanimous that this is one of the finest World Cups for a very, very long time. And I think part of that lies in the fact that nobody actually really knows who’s going to win every game in advance.” Guessing match winners in this World Cup has been notoriously difficult, but Jake Sweetman tells us which team he thinks is one to watch, with players he says has are “intimidatingly good.”

In other football news, Joachim Löw recently announced he’ll stay on with Die Mannschaft. Sweetman isn’t so enthusiastic: “Even James Brown only put together two great bands…Jogi Löw has put together two great German teams; he is not going to do a third one.”

Photo: Nazionale Calcio