Born in the DDR: 30 years on, a look back at Springsteen’s legendary East German concert

Image taken from Erik Kirschbaum's book "Rocking the Wall"



30 years ago today, Bruce Springsteen headlined the biggest concert in East German history. On July 19, 1988, Springsteen, one of the biggest rock stars in the world, unleashed a four hour set to a crowd of 300,000 people in Weissensee, East Berlin. He had been invited by the East German Youth Organization, the FDJ.

We speak to American author Erik Kirschbaum, whose book “Rocking the Wall” explores the cultural importance of the concert. Springsteen was something of a folk hero in East Germany and Kirschbaum explains the sheer impact of the show on the audience: “If you look at the looks on their faces and then compare them with the looks of the faces of the young East Germans who first came through the Berlin Wall 16 months later, they look the same.”


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