There’ll be dancing in the Kiez: Fête de la Musique lands on June 21 bringing music to Berlin’s streets

© Christian Jungeblodt



June 21 sees Fête de la Musique coming to the streets of Berlin. The imported French festival has been a staple of the city’s event calendar since 1995 and brings music from over 800 musicians, bands, and choirs, performed in Spätis, Kitas, garden colonies and other unusual locations across the city.  We caught up with Björn Döring, the Curator and Director of the festival.

One highlight of Fête de la Musique promises to be a Europe-wide sing-along at 7pm featuring the “Ode to Joy,” John Lennon’s “Imagine” and Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back In Anger.” Döring explains that the latter “was sung in the streets of Manchester after the terror attacks,” revealing to him that rather than responding to violence with further violence, people can “comfort each other with music.”

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Photo features Björn Döring provided by Fête de la Musique